Getting Potted in the Desert Book

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Marylee Pangman shares a wealth of information, gained through 20 plus years of creating successful potted gardens in the desert.

There is no other book on the market that addresses the desire of desert dwellers to create a garden ‘like back home.’

A Month by Month planning guide plus;

  • Ideas for creating and caring for potted gardens
  • Advice on container selection and plants.
  • Bonus chapters including seasonal flowers and plants lists.
  • Strategies for dealing with specific challenges like desert critters, the desert sun and water usage.

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Tucson: Tucson Botanical Gardens and Antigone Books

“Marylee Pangman is a Tucson treasure.
Her knowledge has been helping desert gardeners for years.
With “Getting Potted in the Desert," this information is finally available to everyone!"

– Alison Jannuzi

Marylee Pangman, Founder and Owner of the Potted Desert
The Author

Marylee Pangman

Marylee Pangman founded The Contained Gardener in 1998 as a niche business in the desert community of Tucson, Arizona.

Since then, Marylee has been compelled to share through her recent venture The Potted Desert, all that she learned about container gardening over 20 years of blistering summers and record breaking winters.

Marylee sees container gardening as a way to have an oasis garden while conserving water as the demands of pots is far less than heavily planted areas and beds.

Paperback books Amazon
More About

Getting Potted in the Desert

The book, “Getting Potted in the Desert" has been a long process of gathering all of these desert gardening experiences into one volume available for sale.

It is not just the difference in seasons but the intense heat, long growing seasons and challenging winters that require a different mindset as well as a defined practice to maintain a beautiful container garden.

Marylee used the practical learnings of growing potted gardens for 100’s of customers and teaching her tried and true methods for success to create this resource.

Contemporary Lite-wt pots with shoulder season plantings
Desert Gardens?

You Bet!

Being of the generation of striving for immediate gratification, the success of our potted gardens relies greatly on our ability to create gardens with instant beauty.

With that in mind, Marylee strives to help homeowners keep their money out of the compost heap and create the garden of their dreams from the very first planting.

Newcomers to the desert and long time ‘desert dwellers’ alike will benefit by putting Marylee’s practices to use. This easy to follow guide will take you from black thumb to a garden of wonder. People will say to you, “I thought you lived in the desert. I did not realize you could garden successfully there!"

“Marylee is the genius of potted gardening! She filled my entry with potted seasonal plants of such a variety of color and interest that they were the envy of my neighborhood! No problem fazed her, including our desert heat, our deep shade, or winter cold spells. Everything thrived under her magic touch. Marylee is truly a Master Gardener.”

– Pat Goehrig

“Marylee’s Getting Potted in the Desert will be a great help to anyone looking for a creative and easy way to spruce up a yard or home, without a huge investment in time or money.Marylee generously shares her personal experiences in container gardening in Tucson, admittedly a challenge for gardeners, especially those of us non-natives!”

– Lynne Brant